We are a creatively passionate team using visual tools to solve problems, build brands and on our good days, save the world.

What we do?

DesignbySPIRIT is a husband and wife team that uses design, project management, creative direction and branding to deliver amazing work that slaps you in your brain and awakens your “Oh damn!” senses. If you’re ready for “ok” work, we might know some people, but if you want the kind of work that gets talked about (in a good way), give us a holler.

Christophe Pierre

Art director/Branding Consultant

A happy accident of design genius and analytical obsessiveness, wrapped in fluorescent blackness. Art director, Branding consultant and social media provocateur, Chris will take your brand apart and put it back together sexier than you thought possible, on time on budget and just on a different level!

Shaz Pierre

Project Manager/Creative Director

A project manager, fashion designer, budget balancer and task master, Shaz is what you might call a “Creative Unicorn” (rare as they come) This Londoner is the quieter of the team but it’s her wicked style and creative intuition that continues to take the work from extraordinary to legendary.