A Big Box of Crayons Podcast

“I learnt design through deconstruction”

A Big Box of Crayons Podcast

“Do it afraid” and “Look for discomfort zones” are two powerful phrases that my wise friend and author Dexter Musgrave said at the beginning of the week in his book “Work In Progress“. So here I am, very afraid, and deep into my discomfort zone on this podcast telling my entire journey to this point in my life. If you want to know the full story… here it is hanging all the way out for your critique, annoying voice and all 🙈🙉🙊.

A Big Box Of Crayons had this to say…

– NEW PODCAST EPISODE | Feat. Christophe Pierre of DesignbySPIRIT sharing how he transitioned from being an accountant to a Graphic Designer and the considerable risk and challenges he faced to make it all happen — his quest to do meaningful work and creating when there’s not yet an opportunity to do so.

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