Work In Progress

A little book for those still on the journey.

Work In Progress

Dexter: My favourite colour is yellow.
Me: Say no more...

So I just collaborated on a book called Work In Progress (A little book for those still on the journey) with my bro and colleague Dexter Musgrave. It’s only available as an ebook because we may or may not have future plans for it. 😉.

For those that know Dexter, he has a truckload of wisdom under his belt from consulting with regional and international brands on their creative strategies. Halfway through a 24 post-challenge for his birthday due to the demand from his friends, we had this idea to turn his posts into a book.

My idea for the design of this book was to harvest images from the instagrams of Dexter’s creative circle then turn them into the visual support for his powerful wise words. I also made the left side of every page a standalone quote that could exist on its own outside of the context of the book and be downloadable. From last night into today I have seen people sharing these which is so awesome turning all these pictures into a sort of instagram Inception. LOL!!! The paint roller effect is a metaphor for the fact that this book itself is a Work In Progress.

So after much coffee and little sleep here is a collaboration that is not just my artwork but is also filled with photographic features from a bunch of his creative friends including myself, Kamron Waithe, Shurdelle Jennings, Will Twort and much more. The wisdom in this book is targeted at entrepreneurs but is great for everyone who cares about being better at life.

So many people have told me that we need to print it which is a mega compliment, but for now, it remains an ebook. #WIPthebook

...targeted at entrepreneurs but is great for everyone who cares about being better at life.

The Cover

The Website

Just a few of the 50 pages

The back cover/credits

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